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Regenerative Medicine

Leading the DMV in Stem Cell & PRP Therapies

Safe, Effective Outpatient Treatment Utilizing the Power of the Human Body to Heal Itself

90% of our patients get better WITHOUT surgery. That’s because we are pioneering the most effective and safe non-surgical treatments referred to as “regenerative medicine” (stem cell therapy, PRP therapy, and micro fragmented adipose fat injections). We are proud to lead the DMV providing this modern pain relief utilizing the body’s natural healing process to rebuild damaged tissue, heal injuries more effectively, and eliminate pain. This super-charged healing solution targets the underlying source of pain without relying on medication or surgery. By opting for a nonsurgical outpatient procedure, patients can avoid an overnight at the hospital and begin their rehabilitation sooner which gets them back to an active life more quickly! Regenerative medicine procedures can be used to heal shoulder, knee, hip, ankle, back pain, neck pain, and a variety of joint, tendon, and ligament injuries.

Dr. Niteesh Bharara was named 2021 Face of Regenerative Medicine by Washingtonian Magazine for his leadership in advancing these innovative treatments to help patients delay and in some cases avoid surgery. Dr. Bharara has performed these safe and effective outpatient procedures for nearly a decade and patients travel across the world to seek his expert care. 

Benefits of Regenerative Medicine

  1. Safe and effective solution to avoid or delay surgery
  2. Outpatient procedure in the comfort of our state-of-the-art facility
  3. Avoid long hospital stays
  4. Shorter recovery time compared to surgery
  5. No anesthesia required
  6. Natural healing procedure
  7. Provides increased functionality and range of motion
  8. Improved pain relief and decreased inflammation

Stem Cell Therapy

This modern outpatient procedure utilizes the body’s natural healing process to rebuild damaged tissue, heal injuries more effectively, and eliminate pain. Stem Cell Therapy targets the underlying source of pain without relying on medication and surgery, leading to increased function and mobility with a shorter recovery time than surgical options. Stem cells can differentiate into bone, cartilage, or fat cells to stimulate healing in the body. Our regenerative medicine specialists have pioneered this safe and effective solution for a variety of orthopedic conditions.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy

Platelet rich plasma, commonly referred to as “PRP’, is a non-operative, permanent solution for conditions such as spinal conditions, arthritis, and orthopaedic ligament/tendon sprains and tears. Utilizing the body’s natural healing process, PRP Therapy is a concentration of the patient’s own platelets that is injected into the damaged ligaments, tendons, and joints to promote tissue repair and accelerate healing. PRP contains growth and healing factors which means an injured individual can get back to a pain-free life in a fraction of the time that it would usually take.

Microfragmented Adipose Injections

Microfragmented Adipose Injections are the next generation of regenerative medicine for individuals suffering from spinal conditions, joint pain, arthritis, or rotator cuff tears, just to name a few. Traditionally, patients may undergo surgery for these conditions but Microfragmented Adipose injections offer a simple, minimally invasive alternative with a faster recovery time.


Prolotherapy, short for proliferation therapy, is a type of procedure designed to promote natural healing of a damaged ligament or tendon. Ligaments, tendons, and muscles work together to make our bodies move naturally – when any of those become unstable, chronic joint or spine pain can be the result. Prolotherapy can be used to treat a specific joint or an entire region of the body.  The goal is to strengthen weakened connective tissue and improve musculoskeletal pain.

Meet Our Regenerative Medicine Physicians

Dr. Niteesh Bharara

Director of Regenerative Medicine
Orthopedic Specialist - Non-Surgical Sports Medicine

Dr. Thomas Schuler I Spine Surgeon

Spine Surgeon

Dr. Christopher Good I Spine Surgeon

Spine Surgeon
Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Colin Haines I Spine Surgeon

Spine Surgeon
Director of Research

Dr. Ehsan Jazini I Spine Surgeon

Spine Surgeon

Dr. Thomas Nguyen I Regenerative Medicine Specialist

Pain Specialist
Regenerative Medicine

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