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Laser Surgery


For over twenty years, the Spinal Specialists at Virginia Spine Institute have treated a diverse range of spinal conditions. We have pioneered advances made in minimally invasive spine surgery and motion preservation surgery. Each one of the procedures we perform is specifically tailored to each individual patient. Our philosophy is to empower our patients with choices. When we empower our patients with treatment options we feel it is critical to educate them on the advantages and disadvantages of each procedure. Our goal is to alleviate pain, restore and maximize function, and improve overall quality of life.


Although laser spine surgery has recently received increasing attention and publicity, it has been used during spine surgery since the 1980s. Laser surgery continues to be one of many options that can be used depending on the location and severity of a patient's problem. 

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

The goal of minimally invasive spine surgery is to relieve pain caused by a spinal condition while decreasing trauma, or disruption, to body tissues during surgery. Spine surgery may be performed using a number of different tools to minimize tissue disruption including laser. Laser is one device a surgeon can use to cut, remove, or shrink certain tissue.

Like any other procedures, laser surgery is not appropriate for all patients. It is important to discuss the details of your surgical procedure at length with your surgeon and understand options before moving forward with any procedure.

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