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After 7 Years of Chronic Pain, Former Marine is Climbing Denali Pain-Free

Authored by Dr. Niteesh Bharara. September 7, 2021

As an active former marine who competed in triathlons, Iron Man competitions, and was able to leg press 800-900 pounds, Nick found himself suffering from debilitating back pain that left him unable to sit for longer than 10 minutes. Being inactive and sitting on the sidelines of life was not an option for Nick. Through Regenerative Medicine with Dr. Niteesh Bharara, he is now a 0 out of 10 on the pain scale. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), an outpatient, nonsurgical procedure, had him in and out within three hours, and he was at home recovering the same day. In just 3 months after his procedure, he climbed Mount Denali.

Hear More About Nick’s Journey

“I was on record track on team, I had completed an Ironman and was pressing 800-900 pounds. I was full fledge athletic body in my 20s, that seemed like a lot of fun. And then that was taken away by just sheer pain down the sides of my body. Just nerve system to my hips to my stomach, no ability to walk or sit longer than 10 minutes. Standing, laying, standing, laying. I would have to carry a cushion with me wherever I went just to get the pressure off of my hips to my lower back.”

Dr. Bharara, Nick’s doctor, said, “Despite all the different treatments that he was doing, Regenerative Medicine was the only option for him, because he didn’t have a surgical option, we can get the stem cells and the healing part of the bone marrow, and we can put that back into the area of severe injury and get that actually to heal and completely heal. The body has an innate mechanism to heal itself already ,but we can supercharge that and actually get the patient to heal quicker, faster and better than before. This is all done with a needle. And we use image guidance to place it precisely where we need to place it, the downtime is minimal. Most people are down maybe a day or two, but they’re back to work the next day,

Nick finished by saying, “I’m at 85% recovery in my complete body. It has saved my life in many different ways; mentally, physically, strengthened me spiritually. And so I’m very thankful for what Regeneration has done for my body.”

Learn more about the life-changing pain solutions at Virginia Spine Institute, visit:, or call 703.709.1114 to schedule a consultation.

Reviewed by: Dr. Niteesh Bharara.

Reviewed by: Dr. Niteesh Bharara.

About The Author

Dr. Niteesh Bharara

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