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Dr. Christopher Good Participates In Advance To Improve Spinal Balance

Authored by Dr. Christopher Good, MD, FACS. June 21, 2017

K2M Introduces First-of-Its-Kind SAHARA™ AL Expandable Stabilization System 

SAHARA AL is the only lordotic expandable interbody device with integrated screw fixation on the market to help achieve spinal balance

LEESBURG, Va., June 20, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — K2M Group Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ:KTWO) (the “Company” or “K2M”), a global leader of complex spine and minimally invasive solutions focused on achieving three-dimensional Total Body Balance ™ , today announced the introduction of the SAHARA ™ AL Expandable Stabilization System, the Company’s first expandable offering within its interbody portfolio. SAHARA AL is the only lordotic expandable interbody device with integrated screw fixation on the market to help achieve spinal balance.
The SAHARA AL Expandable Stabilization System represents a technological advancement over static interbody options, allowing for in-situ lordotic adjustment to match a patient’s sagittal profile through one fusion device. SAHARA AL is a zeroprofile device with multi-screw fixation, designed to provide stability to the anterior column, while featuring a comprehensive range of lordotic adjustments of up to 26 degrees. It is indicated as a standalone device for lordotic angles of 15 degrees or less. SAHARA AL is manufactured from commercially pure grade II titanium, titanium alloy, and cobalt chrome.

“The anterior-lumbar interbody fusion (ALIF) approach allows for greater segmental lordosis correction and implant fixation than other alternative interbody approaches,” said Christopher Good, MD, FACS an orthopedic surgeon and Director of Scoliosis and Spinal Deformity at the Virginia Spine Institute in Reston, Virginia. “With variable in-situ lordotic adjustment, the SAHARA AL implant helps achieve sagittal balance and segmental reduction not generally attainable by ALIF cages with fixed lordotic angles.

Dr. Christopher Good is a double board certified spine surgeon and the President of Virginia Spine Institute. Established as a world expert in the field, Dr. Good has pioneered the use of robotics, navigation, and augmented reality (AR) in spine surgery. He performed the first two-level disc replacement in Metro DC, Maryland, and Virginia region, and continues to evolve motion-enhancing procedures for patients suffering from neck and back conditions. Dr. Good has been named “Top Doctor” consistently over the past decade.  Learn more about Dr. Christopher Good.

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About The Author

Dr. Christopher Good, MD, FACS

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