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Dr. Jazini’s 3 Tips To Maintain Fitness During Quarantine

Authored by Dr. Ehsan Jazini, MD. March 20, 2020

Dr. Jazini’s 3 Tips To Maintain Fitness During Quarantine


Consider going out for a hike to discover a new trail to hike, walking a new path or hit that bike trail that you have been putting off. There are many benefits to stay moving during a time when many are quarantined in their homes. The added benefit of fresh air is also positive for clearing your mind and gaining perspective during an uncertain time.


Utilizing your own body weight in an interval workout program can be a very effective way to build stamina, improve cardiovascular, and to strengthen your muscles without using heavy equipment or weights. Some examples I recommend include:

  • Yoga
  • Squats
  • Planks
  • Lunges
  • Pushups
  • Crunches


I can’t stress enough the importance of staying connected with your social community at your local gym, yoga studio, friends, and fitness individuals. In this age with access to effective technology, it is easy to stay connected with them through social media and sharing your workout routine. You can also consider virtual workouts through social media channels or video conference, and even facetime with your friends and family members. It’s time to get creative in the way you view fitness!

Dr. Ehsan Jazini is a board certified spine surgeon at Virginia Spine Institute. 

He has been the first in the nation, and in the world, to perform advanced surgical techniques in cervical disc replacement, augmented reality (AR) spine surgery, and robotic spine surgery. Dr. Jazini was the first in the world to perform Augmented Reality guided personalized spine implant surgery using artificial intelligence. As a leading published author in the field of spine surgery, Dr. Jazini was selected as the Editor in Chief of The Spine Health Journal for the National Spine Health Foundation. Learn more about Dr. Jazini.

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About The Author

Dr. Ehsan Jazini, MD

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