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Fueled by a deep desire to make a difference in others’ lives since my teenage years, choosing the path of neurosurgeon was a natural fit. Guided by remarkable mentors who epitomized the essence of healing and compassion, I gained insight into the true essence of healing and caring for others. I found myself consistently drawn to the intricacies of the human spine and nervous system. Using this knowledge to help my patients toward the finish line of recovery feels like fulfilling a promise to my younger self—to help others regain their quality of life.

Dr. William Kemp is a fellowship-trained spine neurosurgeon skilled in treating spinal conditions ranging from common back and neck conditions to scoliosis reconstruction and complex removal of spinal cysts. With 16 years of education and training at world-class academic medical centers, he completed his neurosurgery residency at Cleveland Clinic and spine fellowship at the University of Wisconsin. 

Excelling in the technical aspects of spine neurosurgery, Dr. Kemp has a reputation for solving medical mysteries and providing patients with new solutions they have not been offered. This unique skill restores patients who have lost hope. Additionally, for those who have experienced the frustration of ineffective treatments, Dr. Kemp offers a fresh perspective and innovative approaches, guiding them toward effective solutions and renewed optimism on their journey to recovery.

Hailing from the heart of the Midwest, and embodying the wisdom of his mentors, Dr. Kemp understands that being a great doctor goes beyond treating the problem – it involves caring for the patient. This philosophy ensures that each patient is treated as a whole person, optimizing their opportunity for a meaningful recovery. Dr. Kemp exhibits exceptional listening skills and treats each patient with the same level of compassion as he would his family members. He prioritizes building rapport with patients by understanding their symptoms and medical history and collaborates with them to establish a customized treatment plan.

As a skilled and compassionate expert, Dr. Kemp takes joy in being a small but crucial part of his patients’ victories over neck and back conditions. He is a unique neurosurgeon who takes pride in offering both surgical and non-surgical options that enable his patients to get back to their lives.

Outside the realm of medicine, Dr. Kemp is a self-proclaimed history buff and likes to hit the gym or go for a run in the nation’s capital. And during football season, you’ll find him passionately cheering on his alma mater, Notre Dame. Go Irish!


  • University of Notre Dame

Medical School

  • Indiana University School of Medicine


  • William Beaumont Hospital


  • Department of Neurosurgery, Cleveland Clinic Foundation


  • Neurocritical Care and Acute Care Neurosurgery, MetroHealth System (Cleveland, Ohio)
  • Spine Surgery Fellowship, University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics (Madison, WI)

Board Eligible

  • American Board of Neurological Surgery

Dr. William Kemp’s Highlights

  • Cleveland Clinic Neurosurgery Residency Program Director Award (June 2020)
  • Cleveland Clinic Neurosurgery Resident Teacher of the Year Award (June 2020)
  • President of the Medical Explorers Program- University of Notre Dame (April 2009- May 2010)
  • Braco Award for Research Excellence

Recent Research

Posterior Transdural Approach for Thoracic Disc Herniation

Surgical Management of Lumbar Spondylolisthesis

Accepted to Neurosurgery Clinics of North America (July 2019)

Minimal Invasive Technique for TLIF/PLIF Valuable?

Evidence Within Neurosurgery

Lumbar Degenerative Disk Disease and Spinal Stenosis in Athletes

In: Hecht AC. Spine Injuries in Athletes. Philadelphia, PA: Wolters Kluwer; 2017: 172-180

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