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Ian Brown

Physician Assistant

Ian is a distinguished Physician Assistant, assisting our most senior spine surgeons in the operating room. Committed to providing comprehensive care, Ian’s expertise extends beyond the operating room to encompass pre and post-treatment care for patients undergoing spine procedures and non-operative care.

In the operating room, Ian plays a pivotal role alongside our spine surgeons, ensuring precision and efficiency in surgical procedures utilizing the most advanced technology. His dedication to the highest standards of patient care extends throughout the entire treatment journey.

During patient visits, Ian actively participates in physical examinations, listening to patient concerns and providing detailed responses to their questions. He works with each patient to ensure they are well-informed and comfortable with their choices and next steps. His commitment to patient care makes him an invaluable asset to VSI’s medical team.

Beyond his clinical responsibilities, Ian is a fan of the great outdoors, he can be found hiking the scenic trails of the Blue Ridge Mountains and also enjoys fishing. Ian’s adventurous spirit extends to global exploration, enriching his understanding of different cultures and perspectives.

Ian proudly supports Auburn football, bringing a touch of his Southern roots to his interactions with patients. Additionally, he has a musical side, enjoying the art of playing various instruments. This multifaceted approach to life not only enriches Ian’s personal experiences but also enhances his ability to connect with patients on a deeper level.


  • Master of Physician Assistant Studies, James Madison University
  • Bachelor of Science in Biology, James Madison University


  • National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support/Basic Life Support


  • One year residency and one year fellowship in the medical and surgical management of spinal disorders


  • Licensed by the Virginia Board of Medicine

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