Advances In Motion-Preserving Treatments For Neck Pain

Dr. Thomas Schuler, CEO/Founder and Spinal Surgeon discusses the evolution of spinal healthcare and the latest surgical advances and technology breakthroughs. Individuals who suffer with neck pain or cervical spine conditions can now receive more minimally invasive treatment that preserve range of motion. The benefit to patients: faster recovery times and patients regain their quality of life!

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Dr. Thomas Schuler is a world-renowned, double board certified spine surgeon; trained in both neurosurgery and orthopedic surgery of the spine. He founded Virginia Spine Institute in 1992 and is a recognized international leader in the treatment of neck and lower back conditions. Dr. Schuler is noted among the 100 best spine surgeons in America, and serves as President of the National Spine Health Foundation as well as Chairman of its Medical and Scientific Board. Learn more about Dr. Schuler. 

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