5 Products To Help You Head ‘BACK’ To The Beach For A Summer Without Back And Neck Pain

Authored by: Dr. Colin Haines

Heading back to the beach is a blast. But it can also be a bit of a pain in the back. While a day spent in the sand and sun can be very relaxing, there’s also a lot of driving, lifting, dragging, carrying and bending to get there and get all your supplies down and back from the perfect spot. Sand is uneven and steep in some places and if you walk barefoot for too long, that can put real strain on parts of your spine. Beach chairs aren’t the most ergonomic seating out there, you go for hours at a time without wearing shoes and do all sorts of activities that can really strain your back and neck. Plus – if you lay directly on the sand that can make you sore after a few hours too.

It’s important to keep all of that in mind and take a few steps to protect your back so you can truly have a relaxing day on the beach. So here are 5 spinal health products to help you soak up the sun, enjoy the sand and waves and keep the pain away on a summer day.

Beach Wagon  – We’ve all seen people loaded down with gear lugging it to the beach. Maybe you’ve even been that person. There’s no reason to do that though. A beach wagon is a great solution. Go for one that folds up like this one so it’s easy to travel with. This four wheeled cart is perfect for carrying toys, towels, an umbrella or more. “A beach wagon can prevent unnecessary bending, twisting or turning and keeps you from carrying lots of heavy gear. It’s a great way of preserving spinal health and making your day easier and more enjoyable at the beach,” Dr. Haines says.

Standing Beach Cart – A standing beach cart is another great alternative to ease the pressure on your back. It doesn’t hold quite as much but can be a good choice for one or two people with fewer items to get down to the beach.

The Strongback Low Gravity Beach Chair – Innovations have come to the world of beach chairs. You don’t need a small, uncomfortable one anymore. This Strongback Low Gravity beach chair is an award winning one with built-in lumbar support. The chair promotes good posture and comfort and is known for lessening tension in your spine and back!

Portable Beach Lounger – Lying directly on the hard and bumpy sand may help you soak up some sun but it’s terrible for your back and neck. Portable beach loungers are a fantastic alternative that encourages better posture. This one from L. L. Bean is not only comfortable, but also stylish and useful – equipped with a cup holder, shoulder strap to easily carry it and more. “A healthy posture helps maintain spinal health, which can typically be challenging to maintain at the beach,” Dr. Haines explains.

The Beach Yoga Mat – Want to start or end your day with a little yoga on the beach? We endorse that 100%. Just make sure you’ve got a good, outdoor yoga mat to take with you. This one’s nice because it has extra foam to protect your joints, is water resistant, and non-slip and it’s got a carrying strap too – so your hands are free to grab any sea shells after your workout.

Extra tips:

  • Want some exercise on the beach? A walk along the water is lovely, but walking barefoot in the sand and on the slopes leading to the water can put a lot of strain on your knees, hips, legs and back. There’s an easy fix – if you’re going for any length of time, just wear some good sneakers or sandals – not flip flops – to provide some support to your feet.
  • Before you start dragging all your supplies to and from the beach – do a quick stretch of your back – leaning from side to side – forward and back – touch your toes. It can be really strenuous to lug chairs, coolers, umbrellas and more so prep for it.
  • Also – pay attention to the size and force of the winds before you go for a swim and face the waves when you’re out in the water. Strong waves can slap you in the back causing real pain and even irreversible spinal injuries.
  • And finally – flip flops may look great and they can be comfortable on solid ground – but they aren’t the best for back support – especially in the sand. A better option for optimal spinal health is water shoes, Crocs, Keens, Natives or something with a sturdier base to support you in sand and water.

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