Becker’s Spine Review Interview: Dr. Haines on Changes to his Personal and Professional Life During the Pandemic

Authored by: Dr. Colin Haines

Question: How have you balanced your professional and personal life during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Answer (Dr. Colin Haines, Spine Surgeon): Like many spine surgeons, I have recently worked more hours yet felt less productive. The delicate balancing act of helping patients navigate their spinal conditions in the context of COVID-19 has been challenging. I have also felt the pressure of needing to help support a large number of employees in my practice as well as those indirectly tied to me in the hospital. Just as important, my wife and two daughters’ mental and physical health during quarantine is always on my mind. To try to juggle all sides, I have worked hard to accomplish goals that were on the sidelines during more busy clinical times, such as research projects, implant designs and practice reorganization. For my family, since my operative hours decreased, I have had more flexibility to teach schoolwork, cook breakfasts and be at home. While it’s been a challenge, being more flexible in my working hours has allowed me to be productive and happy during these hard times.

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