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A syringe full of sugar water may not sound like a medical breakthrough, but within it lies sweet results! For weekend warriors looking to get back to their active lifestyle, take the natural approach. We know what you’re thinking…‘I’ve tried every treatment option and home remedy…’ before you give up, check out prolotherapy. The science behind it is simple – prolotherapy utilizes your own tissues to naturally stimulate healing and provide a permanent solution to your pain.

How long will you endure that stubborn ankle sprain from the basketball court or the persistent knee pain from your 5K days?

“Often times treatment options such as injections or medication are ideal for relieving acute pain, but do not fix the underlying problem which is damaged tissue,” explains Dr. Niteesh Bharara, Sports Medicine Specialist at Virginia Spine Institute. “Prolotherapy easily uses the body’s natural healing process to fix these damaged areas so athletes can get back to their respective sport.”


When a tissue is injured the body will immediately begin a healing process. This involves your body using an inflammatory process to replace damaged tissue with new and healthy tissue. During that healing process, damaged tissue may not be replaced appropriately and this can often lead to weakness and chronic pain.

In these situations, prolotherapy is typically used because it goes deeper than the surface of treating painful symptoms. Prolotherapy is performed by injecting a solution, usually a combination of concentrated dextrose (aka sugar) and a local anesthetic, into the painful ligament, tendon, or joint. The goal is to intentionally cause irritation within these structures so that the body is forced into restarting the healing process by increasing blood supply and stimulating tissue growth. The result is strengthened and stabilized joints, ligaments, and tendons as well as reduced pain.

The end result is a permanent solution for your chronic pain. Results for this treatment option typically occur within the first two to three months, but some individuals even experience relief before this.

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