Reel In Nagging Back Pain With Safe Fishing Tips

Authored by: Dr. Thomas Schuler

Fishing elicits many memories of spending quality time on the lake and can either be a leisure activity or a competitive sport. For me, nowadays it is tinged with a bit of apprehension. Why you ask? Back pain. Spending hours on a boat with zero lumbar support, constantly hunched over can really do a number on your back. Read below for some helpful tips to avoid that nagging back pain so you can focus on the catch instead!


  • Shop at a specialty store: Bass Pro Shops, Orvis, Sportsman’s Warehouse, Rockport, etc.
  • Look for insoles that distribute your weight evenly
  • Insoles should also provide ample support {i.e. arch support if you have a high arch}


  • Select a belt that has considerable lumbar support
  • Elastic straps should be supportive to keep you standing straight
  • Select a belt that is also comfortable and will keep you cool on a hot summer day


  • Make sure your personal area/boat desk is clear to avoid unneeded tangles and falls
  • Use the proper fishing equipment and tackle
  • Consult with a professional on form and technique
  • Take your time reeling in your catch. Being too hasty could lose your fish and, more importantly, injure your back


  • Exercise regularly; a strong core will help to ease back pain
  • Stretch before and after your fishing expedition
  • Contact your doctor before and after your fishing expedition
  • Contact your doctor before starting any exercise programs

Remember the old adage when purchasing your footwear and belt — “don’t buy the cheapest and expect the best”. Your health and wellbeing is an investment!

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