Neurologist Busts 4 Common Migraine Myths for National Migraine Awareness Month

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June is National Migraine and Headache Awareness Month (#MHAM) which is an important time to raise awareness of these debilitating and chronic headaches that affect millions of Americans. 

As a board-certified neurologist providing concierge care for neck and back conditions, chronic pain and headache disorders are one of my specialties and what I find in my practice is that even though millions of Americans experience migraines – there’s a lot about them that is misunderstood. Additionally, we have more modern treatment options to reduce the frequency and discomfort of our patients. 

As a headache and migraine expert, here’s the truth on 4 of the most common myths I see about migraines.

Migraine Myth #1 – If you saw a doctor about your migraines 5 years ago and it didn’t help – there’s no point talking with another migraine expert now. 

Migraine Truth #1 –  There are so many treatment options available – from acupuncture, massage, and Botox injections to a HUGE influx of new medications in recent years specifically made to help prevent the onset of migraines by targeting the underlying processes that cause them and to treat them once they happen. We also now know so much more than we used to about migraine triggers and the importance of lifestyle changes to reduce inflammation. 

Migraine Myth #2 – Since there’s no cure for migraines – you’re stuck with them forever. 

Migraine Truth #2 – It is true that there’s no cure for migraines and for most people they are recurring. But if you’re dealing with chronic debilitating migraine pain – 15 times a month for 3 months or more – you absolutely should reach out to an expert for help. New innovative medications and treatments may not make your migraines disappear forever. But they absolutely can and do reduce the frequency and intensity of migraine for our patients. 

I just created a treatment plan for one of my patients, who went from having 4 headaches a week to once a month! What will work for you? Come talk to us. Let’s find out. #migraine 

Migraine Myth #3 – Migraines only impact patients. 

Migraine Truth #3 –  In addition to the terrible pain and discomfort that migraines cause individual patients, data shows migraines also cause $14 billion in productivity loss EVERY YEAR. With migraines affecting 20% of Americans, millions of people are regularly missing work because of them. 

Employers can help – with programs that encourage a culture of wellness and reduce stress among employees. Understanding that this is one of the top 3 most common diseases in America and not minimizing the condition is also critically important. 

Migraine Myth #4 – Migraines only affect women.

Migraine Truth #4 – Men make up about ¼ of those experiencing migraines and that’s a lot of people since 40 million people experience this type of headache. I find them to be an incredibly common issue among many veterans I work with too. 

During #MensHealthMonth – it’s long past time to normalize migraines in men. There’s no need to live with the pain. Find a migraine specialist. Seek out help and get back to living the pain-free life that makes you happy. 


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