Dr. Bharara Recognized As 2018 Top Doctor By Washingtonian Magazine

Authored by: Dr. Niteesh Bharara

Congratulations to Dr. Niteesh Bharara for his recognition as a 2018 Top Doctor by Washingtonian Magazine. This is his third consecutive year of receiving this award. The region’s best physicians are awarded this prestigious honor through nominations from their peers within the area.

As Head of Regenerative Medicine at Virginia Spine Institute, Dr. Bharara has redefined non-operative treatment options for athletes and active individuals in the form of stem cell therapy, lipogemsplatelet rich plasma, and prolotherapy. Regenerative therapy offers an alternative to surgery, utilizing the body’s natural healing process to restore maximum function and pain relief. His expertise extends beyond spinal conditions such as disc pain, sacroiliac joint pain, and sciatica to also include the treatment of joint, tendon, and muscle conditions of the knee, shoulder, ankle, and elbows.

Dr. Bharara’s interdisciplinary approach utilizes a synergistic team of physical therapists, massage therapists, sports trainers, aquatic therapists, and nutritionists, all working together to alleviate pain and support the patient’s recovery goals. Heralded for his compassionate approach, Dr. Bharara’s philosophy promotes the practice of innovative and safe treatment options.

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