Dr. Good’s Groundbreaking Robotics Research Outcomes Published in Prominent Spine Publication

Authored by: Dr. Christopher Good

Spine Surgeon Dr. Christiopher Good began a groundbreaking, landmark study in 2014 on the benefits of robotics in spine surgery. He led a prospective, multicenter, randomized study comparing robotic-guided spine surgery to a control group (no robotic guidance). The objective was to assess rates of complications, revision surgery, and radiation between Mazor robotic-guidance (RG) and fluoro-guidance (FG).

The research study proved that with robot guidance to place instrumentation (screws) during spine surgery, there were 5.8 times lower risk of complications and 11 times lower risk of needing a revision surgery, as well as an 80% reduction in radiation exposure per screw placed which proves that Mazor robotic-guidance leads to better success for patients

The study and abstract were accepted into the prestigious SPINE journal which is highly respected among industry peers.

See the ‘published before print’ abstract for more detailed information on this research study.

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