Robot-Guided Spine Surgery Clinically Proven To Reduce Surgery Complications And Revision Surgeries

Authored by: Dr. Christopher Good

Dr. Christopher Good, Spine Surgeon at Virginia Spine Institute, is proud to announce the results from the first multi-center prospective study of robotic-guided spine surgery. A group of 10 physicians from nine U.S. states have investigated the clinical outcomes of 379 patients to provide scientific evidence of the benefits of using Mazor Robotics’ Renaissance Guidance System in spine surgery. Dr. Good presented these promising findings at the North American Spine Society Annual Meeting on October 26th.

The results of this study completely eliminated any doubt I have had about the superiority of robotic-guided spine surgery,” commented Dr. Christopher Good, a nationally recognized orthopedic surgeon at the Virginia Spine Institute. “We see remarkable improvements in patient safety and value as well as cost savings when using Mazor Core™ technology-based systems.”


  • Five-fold reduction in surgical complications
  • Seven-fold reduction in revision surgeries compared to freehand-based minimally invasive lumbar fusion surgeries

For more information, click here to view Mazor Robotics press release!

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