Celebrating the Next Chapter of VSI

Authored by: Dr. Christopher Good

As a spine surgeon and President of VSI, I am thrilled to share the exciting changes happening in our organization. Our recent podcast discussion shed light on the transformative journey we’re embarking on, and I’m eager to delve deeper into what this revitalization means for us and, most importantly, for our patients.

Our early experiences in life often impact who we become in our later years. This is true in my own life when I reflect on my journey to becoming a Spine Surgeon. For me, it was a journey that began in infancy, shaped by the lasting impact of my father’s spinal injury. He was the manager of a ski area who fell out of a chairlift which left him in a body cast for three months and then he dealt with spinal problems all throughout my childhood. I witnessed firsthand the toll that back pain has on a person and their loved ones, and I knew I would grow up to become a doctor who could help people like my Dad. 

This path led me to VSI right out of my fellowship, and I chose it because it was unlike so many other practices I’d considered. Beyond its reputation for innovation and proficiency in complex surgeries, I was drawn to VSI for its commitment to patient-centric care. Here, doctors not only collaborate effectively but also prioritize the well-being of their patients above all else. Having witnessed the effects of spine surgery and recovery with my father’s injury, I knew that VSI was where I could truly fulfill the career goals I had set for myself long ago.

​​There’s a distinct independent streak at VSI that I believe best serves patients – one that allows doctors the autonomy to prioritize patient well-being over a specific procedure. Our commitment to personalized care has led to incredible outcomes, with 90% of our patients experiencing improvement without surgery. Our journey to becoming a global leader in spinal care has been nothing but remarkable. Yet, as pioneers in this field, I recognize the need for continual evolution. 

Many of my friends, patients and colleagues know that I’m always finding ways to motivate my colleagues, staff, and my own family to push themselves in areas for improvement. And it was a natural next step that I applied this principle to VSI’s growth, as well.

All of this brings me to an exciting announcement for our practice……we are undergoing a transformational brand revitalization to reflect our growth and impact. Our mission and purpose has always been to transform lives for the better and that will never change. This revitalization signifies our commitment to doing so in bigger and even better ways. It’s an exciting chapter in our journey, one that reaffirms our dedication to innovation, excellence, and, above all, our patients’ well-being.

Virginia Spine Institute is now VSI!

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As we embark on this revitalization journey, I’m excited about the possibilities it holds for our patients and our team. Every aspect of our resfreshed identity has been meticulously crafted especially for our patients.

First – we are changing our name. For many patients – this won’t seem like much of a change because patients have long called us VSI. But we’re now making it official for several reasons. 

  • We do so much more than spine surgery. Spine injuries impact the whole body and we are treating the whole body with a range of non-operative and surgical treatments. 
  • The VSI name carries significant heritage, which we cherish deeply. We want to hold true to our roots and the VSI name while also reflecting our growing and evolving brand. 
  • We are more than a local or regional presence. We are a destination. People come here from all over the US and the world. 

Our New Victory mark

vsi primary logo

Our bold new logo, which we have named our ‘Victory Mark’ is the centerpiece of our new identity. Derived from the letter V, this mark is both a nod to our home here in Virginia and also a reminder of why we are here – to create Victories for our patients. 

We believe that every victory, no matter how small, deserves to be recognized and shared – whether it’s overcoming chronic pain to travel with grandkids or returning to work pain-free. The Victory Mark is a constant reminder of these everyday triumphs, reinforcing our commitment to providing solutions to our patients’ challenges and restoring our patients’ lives. In celebrating our patients’ wins, their Victories are our Victories. 

Our New Tagline
“The Ultimate Choice for Ultimate Spine Solutions”. This defines who we are. Patients’ treatment choice is critical, and when choosing VSI they can trust that they’ve found a unique place offering custom solutions that could not be found elsewhere. We strive to be the final destination for patients who have traversed a maze of opinions and treatments elsewhere.

Our Brand Family

I’ve seen firsthand how difficult it can be for patients to find the right spine specialist, and the urgency they feel resonates deeply within me. As as an independent practice, we can give them the time and treatment they need without being pushed in directions that might not be best for them by insurance companies.

To better foster our holistic care approach, we have introduced our brand family that brings all medical needs of a patient under one roof. VSI treatment areas have grown substantially in recent years into separate service areas that include VSI Spine Solutions, VSI Motion Preservation, VSI Regenerative Medicine, VSI Neurology, VSI Physical Therapy, and VSI Sports Medicine. We treat the whole body and our brand family now reflects that to better guide patients towards the variety of care they want and need. 

VSI Brand Family

Celebrating Patient Victories

Dr. Good vsi selfie

At VSI, we celebrate every patient’s unique journey as a series of victories, regardless of how big or small. Our logo and brand were crafted to reflect the remarkable achievements of our patients. Their progress towards their goals deserves the spotlight, reflecting our commitment to individualized treatment and care. Patient Victories are what makes VSI who we are!

Throughout my tenure at VSI, I’ve witnessed countless Victory Stories and our revitalized brand paves the way for us to celebrate so many more. VSI remains steadfast in its mission to redefine spine care and well-being. Our revitalized brand is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence, compassion, and providing unparalleled healthcare experiences. I’m thrilled to have you join us for the next chapter of our story—one marked by patient victories, innovation, compassion, and dedication to improving lives.

Welcome to the new era of VSI.

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