Fitness Tips For Fathers

Authored by: VSI

There are tons of resources for new moms to get in shape after baby, but what about new Dads?

New Dad and expert physical therapist VSI Physical Therapist says Dads need support, too – and they’re not getting it. Three months into parenthood, he’s developed a new workout routine around his newborn and parented through a pulled muscle. In advance of Father’s Day, he’s got simple tips and practical tricks to help other Dads get active and stay pain-free too. 

– One study found new dads lose about 5 hours or less of physical activity a week for two years. 
– Research shows new dads end up cutting back on sports, which has a domino effect on their overall health. 
– New fathers are more likely to be overweight or obese.  
– The NIH says new dads often lack resources to stay physically active and pain free. 

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