Dr. Jazini going through a yoga routine

The Healing Power of Yoga: Insights from a Spine Surgeon

Join us for an enlightening discussion about the benefits that yoga has on our mental and physical well-being – spine health included! 

While yoga is commonly known for its ability to soothe anxiety and tension within in the body, its trememdous physical benefits also help to create a foundation within our bodies which supports a healthy spine in return.

Spine surgeon Dr. Ehsan Jazini is one of the many devoted to the practice of yoga, and he is an enormous believer in its power to strengthen and heal – before and after surgery and when possible, to help patients avoid surgery altogether. He practices yoga himself and recommends it to patients all the time. 

So, what yoga types are best for back pain and how can yoga help you get back to doing what you love if you’ve experienced pain or muscle loss? Dr. Jazini’s got those answers and more – plus he shares the many ways his personal practice of yoga helps him physically, mentally and as a surgeon. 

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