Runner Finds Relief for Unbearable Back Pain without Undergoing Surgery

Authored by: Dr. Niteesh Bharara

Throughout his entire life, Mark was an avid runner and incredibly active, until unbearable back pain left him unable to do what he loved. Mark found a surgical alternative at Virginia Spine Institute that allowed him to get back to his favorite fitness routine pain-free physically! The body already has an innate ability to heal itself, but through outpatient Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP), Director of Regenerative Medicine Dr. Niteesh Bharara was able to supercharge his body’s natural healing process and get Mark back on his feet with minimal downtime as compared to surgery.

From back pain to running without surgery

At the outset, it was just a little back tightness, it wasn’t bad. But within three months. I went from running 20-25 miles a week to having a hard time just getting around the block. It was so bad I couldn’t even sit down. The only thing that provided relief was just ice and laying down. I was getting referred from one practice to another. And it wasn’t until the third spine orthopedist told me that there was nothing more that he could do for me, that I did my own research and found VSI.

Dr. Bharara provides his insight on how regenerative medicine helped Mark get back to running

Surgery did provide some benefit for Mark, but he continued to struggle with pain and dysfunction. In that situation, we decided to use different regenerative medicine procedures to start healing himself. Regenerative Medicine is a field of medicine in which we use the old body to actually heal itself. We take the healing part of the blood and precisely place it back into the area of injury to start the healing process. The body has an innate mechanism to heal itself already but we can supercharge that and actually get the patient to heal quicker, faster, and better than before.

Regenerative Medicine advice from Mark

“You may be a little sore that evening, but by the next day, it’s so much better. I was right back to live an active life. The next day you’re feeling good, and fully ready to go within two weeks. It is amazing; I wish I had known about Dr. Bharara and PRP before I had knee surgery 10 plus years ago!”

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Dr. Niteesh Bharara is a world-renowned, double board certified orthopedic physician specializing in non-surgical sports medicine. He serves as the Director of Regenerative Medicine at Virginia Spine Institute and leads the Mid-Atlantic region in performing effective natural therapies such as stem cell therapy, platelet-rich plasma (PRP), prolotherapy, and adipose injections. Dr. Bharara’s distinguished expertise within this field earned him 2022 Face of Regenerative Medicine, and Top Doctor recognition in consecutive years. Learn more about Dr. Bharara.

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