VSI Surgeons Consulted by WTOP News on Augmented Reality

Authored by: Dr. Christopher Good

Highly innovative spine surgery isn’t a thing of the future; it’s happening right here at VSI.

WTOP consulted VSI’s very own Augmented Reality (AR) pioneers, Dr. Good and Dr. Jazini, to dive into the benefits of augmented reality and how it has completely changed the game for modern spine surgery. This cutting edge, minimally invasive technology is being used in surgeries RIGHT NOW–and could tremendously ease your back or neck pain.

Using a special headset, the AR “Xvision” made by Augmedics, VSI surgeons are able to see a GPS-like map of their patients’ anatomy. “We can actually look at the patient and simultaneously see the scan so it’s like we have a blueprint right in front of us,” said Dr. Christopher Good to WTOP.

WTOP also consulted with Dr. Jazini, who was the first in the world to use AR during a hybrid spine surgery, which combines a lumbar disc replacement and spinal fusion. “Using augmented reality allows the surgeon to ultimately focus on the patient,” Dr. Jazini said, noting that doctors have had to traditionally glance over at scans and pictures during surgery.

“I want to be looking directly at the patient the entire time,” said Dr. Jazini. “That improves precision, makes the surgery more efficient and less invasive because we don’t have to see as much of the anatomy by exposing it and cutting the skin,” he shared with WTOP.

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