Women, Don’t Put Your Health on Back Burner

Authored by: Dr. Colin Haines

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New research shows women are avoiding doctor’s appointments and ignoring pain more now, during the pandemic than ever before. Dr. Haines explains why that has dangerous implications for back and neck health.

“Data shows that women aren’t seeking help during the pandemic like they normally do and we need to address this,” Dr. Haines continues. “We must remind women to reach out for help. Failure to seek help with the back and neck could cause bigger, more complex problems down the road.”

One month after her procedure, Morgan is feeling grateful that she finally prioritized her own health. She is now pain-free, working to restore her strength, and is mobile again. In fact, she recently celebrated with a dance party with her daughter – something she hasn’t been able to do with the 4 year old for a while.

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