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As leaders in the world, our board-certified spine surgeons have been performing disc replacement surgery since 2005 and have been pioneers in the evolution of this rapidly developing solution for patients. On the forefront of minimally-invasive disc replacement surgery, The Disc Replacement Center at VSI is a worldwide destination for people searching for motion-saving solutions to resolve their neck or back pain.

The human body was designed to move, and as surgeons, preserving that motion in the spine whenever we can is inherently beneficial. Disc replacements provide the benefits of improving range of motion and flexibility after surgery and potentially decrease the risk for additional issues and surgeries in the future. This groundbreaking surgical method combined with advanced technology allows us to offer more effective treatment options than were available in the past.

Our surgeons are leading the nation in surgical firsts in single-level and multi-level disc replacements. The creativity in our approach to treatment allows patients to receive the most custom solution for their specific condition(s). In some instances, we combine disc replacement with spinal fusion, known as hybrid spine surgery.


Morgan Tebeau, 38, put her health on the backburner to handle her responsibilities as a wife, mother, business owner, and fitness enthusiast. Watch as this “can do” woman realized she “couldn’t do” – anymore, and learned an important lesson along the way. Learn how Dr. Haines restored her quality of life with a disc replacement surgery.


The surgeons at The Disc Replacement Center perform cervical (neck) disc replacements and lumbar (lower back) disc replacements with single-level and multi-level surgeries. They also perform hybrid spine surgery, where disc replacement and spinal fusion are combined to create the most customized solution for patients. The specialized team of spine surgeons employs the highest level of customization not found elsewhere. They have a track record of nearly 20 years in this specialty, and this extensive experience allows them to carefully select the most appropriate disc type for each level of the patient’s spine affected by a spinal condition.


This motion-preserving spine surgery technique combined with advanced technology offers a more effective treatment option than ever available in the past. The benefits of this innovative surgical procedure surpass anything previous traditional spine surgeries could offer.

Disc Replacement Provides Greater Functionality Without Limitations

No matter who, and no matter what activity level, we have seen success in getting patients back to their lives through disc replacements. Whether you’re a new parent or an MMA boxer, disc replacement surgery can work for your spine condition.

Disc Replacement Reduces Stress on the Adjacent Levels Above and Below the Diagnosed Levels

Our spine is a series of segments that move with each other. When one doesn’t move as well, the others have to compensate and work harder.

Disc Replacement Preserves the Natural Range of Motion of the Spine

With a spinal fusion, approximately 10 degrees of motion is lost in the neck, per level fused. For example, if you have three levels of your spine fused, that equates to a 30% loss of natural motion in your spine.

Disc Replacement Typically Equates to a Quicker Recovery as Compared to Spinal Fusion

By using absorbable surgery sutures, implementing Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) protocol, and following a spine-specialized physical therapy rehabilitation program, you can return to life quicker than ever before.


It is important to find a spine surgeon that is not only patient-focused but also skilled in the world of disc replacements. Use these tips and criteria to choose a spine surgeon to perform your disc replacement surgery:

Select a Spine Surgeon who has Experience with a Variety of Implants

You want to make sure your surgeon has worked with all seven generations of disc replacements. This will allow them to know the ins and outs of what is best for your specific condition and needs.

Choose a Spine Surgeon who has the Ability to Customize your Disc Replacement

Your spine is unique, so your surgery should be too. Make sure your surgeon is using multiple types and sizes of disc replacements. This will allow for the most customized surgery for your condition.

Select a Spine Surgeon who is Participating in the Research to Prove the Outcomes

When your spine surgeon is part of the research, they have the inside knowledge of how well each and every disc replacement performs for each type of disc replacement surgery.

Focuses on Disc Replacements
While spinal fusions are still a viable option for spine surgery when needed, they are the traditional form of surgery. Disc Replacements are the modern minimally invasive spine surgery of today and allow you, as the patient, to benefit not only in achieving a faster recovery but also in being able to live a life post-surgery with no limitations and restored motion. At The Disc Replacement Center, when appropriate for patients, we can combine a spinal fusion to provide stability and a disc replacement to restore damaged discs.


This world-renowned team of spine surgeons is at the forefront of seamlessly providing elevated spine care to improve the lives of those suffering from neck and back conditions. Our patients have returned to their lives faster through customized treatment plans that include technologically advanced surgeries, minimally invasive procedures, and the latest alternatives to surgery including regenerative medicine. The team at Virginia Spine Institute are international leaders that have dedicated their careers to improving patients’ lives and educating their peers.

Dr. Christopher R. Good

Dr. Colin M. Haines

Dr. Ehsan Jazini

Dr. Thomas C. Schuler

Recovery for Cervical Disc Replacement

Our care for our patients does not end in the operating room. This philosophy is unique because we understand the emotional and physical demands surgery may impose. We play an active role in our patient’s recovery by setting expectations and goals so they feel supported through this critical stage of their treatment. In our concierge mode, our patients experience a multidisciplinary spine care team that includes not only their surgeon, non-operative specialists, and physician assistants but also a team of in-house spine-specialized physical therapists who are experts in spine surgery rehab. This unique model has been a game-changer for our patient’s recovery.