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The Journey To Spinal Health: As Told By Three Patients Of Virginia Spine Institute

September 20, 2019

Follow the inspiring journey of three Virginia Spine Institute patients who suffered with back pain, and through the most advanced non-surgical and surgical spine treatments have gained an improved quality of life!

Meet Scott: Scott experienced a traumatic injury as a result of a car accident when he was hit by a drunk driver. The result was immense pain around the clock and it took a toll on his relationship with his three daughters. Scott is off and running after his spine surgery with Dr. Thomas Schuler, as he continues through his journey to spinal health.

Meet Abigail: Abigail is a young, active professional experienced degeneration in her spine, and as a result was sidelined from her favorite hobbies like dancing and boxing. Hear how she has set goals and achieved them after spine surgery with Dr. Colin Haines.

Meet Reed: As a competitive high school athlete, Reed was sidelined after a football injury. Under Dr. Christopher Good’s care, and after exhausting many non-surgical treatments (including stem cell therapy, PRP, and physical therapy) he made the decision to undergo spine surgery. Hear how this treatment has given his family ‘their boy back’ and Reed is able to run a 5K — pain free!

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