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Top 3 Myths About Adult Scoliosis Surgery

Authored by Dr. Ehsan Jazini, MD. June 8, 2021

Treatment for adult scoliosis is becoming more prevalent as individuals strive to live longer and healthier lives. Many adults in their 30s and 40s who avoided treatment earlier in life are now noticing physical changes in posture and balance common of scoliosis. In an era where patients gain the majority of their information from online resources, it’s important to understand what’s truthful and what’s not for complex spinal deformity. As a scoliosis specialist, I’m here to debunk common myths surrounding treatment for adult scoliosis.


MYTH #1: Spine surgery is my only treatment option.
FACT: There are many non-operative treatment options for scoliosis patients with minimally invasive spine surgery recommended only when necessary.

Many patients with adult scoliosis worry that they will have to undergo surgery to treat their condition. The truth is, that many adults with scoliosis do not always experience symptoms other than difficulty standing, sitting upright, or balancing. For this reason, non-operative treatments including specialized physical therapy, core strengthening, and maintaining good bone and muscle health are mainstay treatment options.

Surgical intervention is necessary in adults who have:

  • lost the ability to maintain posture and balance,
  • debilitating back pain,
  • diminished lung capacity, and/or
  • neurological injuries caused by pressure on the nerves or spinal cord (i.e. numbness/tingling).

MYTH #2: Adult Scoliosis Spine Surgery is always invasive.
FACT: We perform ultra-minimally invasive techniques for our adult scoliosis patients.

Many patients remember the traditional surgical option for adult scoliosis — large incisions and disruption of muscles that led to long hospital stays and recoveries. With the advent of minimally invasive procedures, our team corrects scoliosis deformity through a small incision on the front or side of the body. Through the use of robot navigation and high-resolution images, minimally invasive scoliosis surgery corrects the abnormal curvature of the spine typical of adult scoliosis.

MYTH #3: After scoliosis surgery, I will be out of work for months.
FACT: Because of the minimally invasive techniques we use, patients typically return to work within 3-6 weeks.

Of all the myths, this one could not be furthest from the truth! The efficiency of minimally invasive scoliosis surgery not only reduces procedure time but creates a more optimized surgical solution leading to:

  • Smaller incisions and less risk of infection
  • Preservation of healthy muscle and tissue
  • More effective surgical outcomes
  • Less radiation exposure
  • Shorter hospital stay
  • Faster recovery time and less post-operative pain.

There are many misconceptions about adult scoliosis, particularly in regard to surgical treatment options. At Virginia Spine Institute we are reshaping the future of spine surgery by improving patient safety and reducing recovery time. As nationally recognized experts, we continue to break new ground with alternate methods of utilizing technology to more efficiently perform complex spinal procedures.


Dr. Jazini joins the interdisciplinary team at Virginia Spine Institute to improve the lives of individuals suffering from neck and back pain. His training in both spinal neurosurgery and orthopedic spinal surgery has positioned him as a renowned leader in the field of spine. Specifically, Dr. Jazini specializes in the treatment of adult and adolescent neck and back conditions including scoliosis and kyphosis correction, revision surgery to correct failed previous surgery, and traumatic injuries.

Known for his sincere and compassionate approach, Dr. Jazini draws on his training to develop tailored treatment solutions for his patients. Working in tandem with in-house physical therapists and pain specialists, he provides an array of non-operative treatment options to reduce pain, improve mobility, and work toward achieving his patient’s recovery goals.

Dr. Ehsan Jazini is a board certified spine surgeon at Virginia Spine Institute. 

He has been the first in the nation, and in the world, to perform advanced surgical techniques in cervical disc replacement, augmented reality (AR) spine surgery, and robotic spine surgery. Dr. Jazini was the first in the world to perform Augmented Reality guided personalized spine implant surgery using artificial intelligence. As a leading published author in the field of spine surgery, Dr. Jazini was selected as the Editor in Chief of The Spine Health Journal for the National Spine Health Foundation. Learn more about Dr. Jazini.

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About The Author

Dr. Ehsan Jazini, MD

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