Virginia Spine Institute Earn Milestone In Robotic Spine Surgery
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Virginia Spine Institute Specialists Achieve Milestone In Robotic Spine Surgery

February 2, 2017



Dr. Christopher R. Good, Dr. Thomas Schuler and Dr. Colin Haines, Spinal Surgeons at Virginia Spine Institute, Achieve Milestone in Spinal Health Care by Performing Most Advanced Robotic Spine Surgery.

Reston, Virginia, February 1, 2017 — The award-winning spine surgeons at Virginia Spine Institute are the first in the Mid-Atlantic region to utilize the Mazor X™ System, a transformative robotic platform for spine surgery. Dr. Christopher GoodDr. Thomas Schuler and Dr. Colin Haines teamed up to perform a spinal fusion with the new Mazor X™ System which utilizes enhanced analytical tools, precision guidance, optical tracking, and intra-operative verification to make spine surgery safer and less invasive. This latest advancement in spinal surgery was developed at Reston Hospital Center.

“I am very excited to offer the new Mazor X™ System’s robotic technology to our patients,” says Dr. Christopher R. Good, Spine Surgeon and Director of Research at Virginia Spine Institute. “We are proud to have performed the first and the most advanced robotic spine surgery in the mid Atlantic region and to be all able to offer robotic surgery to our patients both for minimally invasive spine surgery and scoliosis reconstruction. Our research is already showing that robotic surgery can decrease intra-operative radiation to patients in the operating room, as well as improve accuracy of surgery and decrease patient complications. The new Mazor X™ System represents the future of robotic spine surgery and will lead to many future breakthroughs by combining robotic surgery with intra-operative spinal navigation and increase the number and types of surgeries we can perform with robot guidance. ”

The new Mazor X™ System, manufactured by Mazor Robotics Ltd., represents a breakthrough and improvement from the original Renaissance® system. Mazor commercially launched the FDA-cleared platform during the North American Spine Society annual meeting in October 2016.

Through their leadership and vast experience, Virginia Spine Institute is reshaping the future of spine surgery by improving patient safety and reducing recovery time. Virginia Spine Institute continues to pioneer alternate methods of utilizing technology to more efficiently perform complex spinal procedures. With the latest release of the Mazor X™ System comes improved surgical accuracy while incorporating a combination of robotics and live intra-operative navigation.


About Virginia Spine Institute: Virginia Spine Institute is an award-winning medical practice in the Washington, DC metro area solely dedicated to spinal health care. For 25 years they have improved the lives of over 80,000 patients suffering from back or neck pain conditions. This comprehensive spine center provides convenience of specialty care with the top experts from multiple specialties of spinal health care under one roof. Custom treatment options include non operative care, pain management, physical therapy, and when necessary surgical intervention, including minimally invasive, laser and robot-guided procedures. For more information about Virginia Spine Institute visit


Virginia Spine Institute’s reputation is unmatched as a world-renowned luxury destination in spinal healthcare, dedicated to providing an elevated level of concierge care for those suffering from neck and back conditions. For three decades, their proven methods have led them to dramatically improving the quality of life for over 100,000 patients, from 32 countries.


People seek care from Virginia Spine Institute because of their elite team of board-certified spine-specialized physicians offering unique approaches to safe and effective back and neck pain relief. As one of the few centers that begin treatment with non-surgical options before recommending surgery, 90% of their patients get better without spine surgery. Through a comprehensive model, Virginia Spine Institute is able to offer regenerative medicine, non-operative treatments, minimally-invasive spine surgery, and physical therapy through their team of spine specialists.


The team’s dedication to detail and patient success is a shining light in the field of spinal healthcare. As pioneers and leaders in this field, they have also accomplished many of the world’s firsts in spine surgery by using modern treatments and cutting-edge technology not offered anywhere else.

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