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As Seen In Washingtonian Magazine: The Luggage a Spine Surgeon Uses

Authored by Dr. Christopher Good, MD, FACS, Washingtonian Magazine. July 12, 2021

With more and more people getting back to flying, now is the time to ditch the old luggage in the closet and get yourself something more back-friendly for traveling. Washingtonian Magazine reached out to Dr. Good to learn what luggage a spine surgeon would recommend. Here’s what he had to say:

The Luggage Dr. Good Recommends

“I like luggage that has four wheels that can turn. You just hold onto the handle and off you go through the airport. The nice thing is you’re putting almost no stress on your back other than when you have to pick it up.”

“There are lots of bags with that functionality. There’s a Travelpro suitcase called the Maxlite that’s very affordable. I use a Tumi.”

Why Dr. Good Chose This Luggage

“[Tumi] is on the more expensive side, but extremely light and durable. I can pick it up with one hand like it’s almost nothing. The days where people have a bag that weighs 20 pounds before you put anything in it — we should be staying away from those.”

“I take care of a lot of people who work at the airport; those guys have back problems and I want to protect them. I think if your bag is heavy, that’s pretty annoying to them, and how’s your luggage going to be treated?”

What Really Sold Dr. Good About His Luggage

“I’ve had Tumi for years. I literally wore out the expandable handle. After I broke it, the company fixed it and didn’t charge me anything.”


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Dr. Christopher Good is a double board certified spine surgeon and the President of Virginia Spine Institute. Established as a world expert in the field, Dr. Good has pioneered the use of robotics, navigation, and augmented reality (AR) in spine surgery. He performed the first two-level disc replacement in Metro DC, Maryland, and Virginia region, and continues to evolve motion-enhancing procedures for patients suffering from neck and back conditions. Dr. Good has been named “Top Doctor” consistently over the past decade.  Learn more about Dr. Christopher Good.

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