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Adult Scoliosis Correction

Scoliosis is a spinal deformity where an abnormal curvature in the back is present. Often, this type of deformity will be a curvature to the right or left and sometimes will include a rotational aspect of the spine. This type of deformity occurs in adults and adolescents. In certain patient scenarios, scoliosis reconstructive surgery is discussed to help improve symptoms of pain, numbness or tingling. In other scenarios this type of deformity correction is discussed after the scoliosis has progressed to a certain degree with the goal to halt any further progression of this abnormal curvature.

Scoliosis and deformity corrective surgeries help to realign the spine in patients with abnormal curvatures.  Please call us for a consultation. Our scoliosis experts will help you understand the prognosis of your spine. We will help you develop a solution that could be managed non-surgically or review different surgical solutions for your best interest. 

Benefits of Adult Scoliosis Correction

  • Correcting the patient’s curvature in order to improve one’s quality of life and prognosis
  • Alleviating pain & discomfort
  • Improving lung function
  • Prevents progression of the deformity
  • Relieves pressure off the spinal cord and nerves in your spine

Adult Scoliosis Correction FAQs

What Degree of Scoliosis Requires Surgery?

Spinal curves that have progressed greater than 45°, or are causing symptoms such as numbness, weakness, or pain, are normally referred to for surgery.

What restrictions do patients have after scoliosis correction surgery and how long do they last?

For 12 weeks after scoliosis corrective surgery postoperative restrictions will include no bending, lifting greater than 5lb, or twisting. Avoiding these activities will put less stress across the surgical area as your body continues to heal. The provider will develop a specialized physical therapy plan for each patient. 

When am I able to return to school or work after scoliosis surgery?

After having surgery, especially a scoliosis corrective surgery, it is natural and necessary to take a few weeks off to focus on your body healing. You will have postoperative activity restrictions for 12 weeks after surgery. However, often patients do start to slowly return to some school and work activities prior to 3 months after surgery. Our goal as spinal specialists is to improve your quality of life by treating your spinal deformity. We are seeing our patients often during the postoperative setting and having many conversations to help determine what activities are safe to proceed with and which may need a few more weeks of recovery before restarting.

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