How to Find the Best Spine Surgeon

Authored by: Dr. Thomas Schuler

People want to know how to find the best spine surgeon in the country. As one of the premier spine surgeons, the National Spine Health Foundation has named Dr. Thomas Schuler (and his three partner physicians at Virginia Spine Institute) as one of America’s Top 50 Spine Surgeons. Dr. Schuler weighs in to help people find the best spine surgeon that will help them resolve their back or neck condition.

Dr. Schuler’s Top 5 criteria to consider when selecting the best spine surgeon for you:

  1. Does the physician build trust with the patient?
  2. Does the physician listen to the patient?
  3. Does the surgeon have a dynamic team supporting him/her?
  4. Does the surgeon have the ability to perform and manage both nonsurgical options and innovative surgical procedures?
  5. Does the surgeon offer natural healing options in the form of regenerative medicine (stem cell therapy, PRP, adipose fat injections)?

Choosing a surgeon that is well trained and well-rounded is important but also consider someone who will listen to you and spends the time necessary to build rapport and understand your goals for recovery. Because each person needs to be treated as an individual, you’re not an x-ray, you’re not an MRI, you’re a person and the surgeon needs to personalize the treatment and customize the care so that you get what is best to help you. That’s how you find the best spine surgeon!

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