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Looking for the latest alternatives to surgery? You’re in the right place! Regenerative medicine is a natural treatment solution that utilizes the body’s own healing process to repair damaged tissue, and bridges the gap between non-operative treatments (physical therapy and spinal injections) and surgery. Our pain specialists have pioneered regenerative medicine as a breakthrough treatment option for spinal conditions without having to undergo surgery. Additionally, our team performs regenerative medicine to heal a myriad of other joint structures including shoulder, knee, ankle, and hip.


Simply put, it’s the process of creating living and functional tissues to repair or replace tissue that is lost due to age, disease, or damage. The key goal in using regenerative medicine is to aid in healing the damaged condition and to fix the root cause of the pain. For individuals that are not interested in pursuing surgical intervention, but are looking for a solution to their pain, regenerative therapy could be the answer to rejuvenate the damaged tissue.

4 regenerative MEDICINE options:

stem cell therapy

Stem cells can differentiate into bone, cartilage, or fat cells to stimulate healing in the body. Notably, Virginia Spine Institute is the only practice in Virginia to use stem cells to heal discs in the spine.


platelet-rich plasma (prp)

Platelet-rich plasma promotes tissue repair and accelerates healing by injecting a concentration of platelets into the damaged area. PRP is a permanent solution that does not wear off over time.



A Lipogems injection utilizes the reparative cells found in our fat, including stem cells, to repair, replace, reconstruct, and support damaged or injured tissues.




Prolotherapy is designed to promote natural healing of a ligament or tendon, that did not heal properly. The goal is to strengthen weakened connective tissue and improve pain.

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