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About Regenerative Therapy



While minimally invasive surgery allows the least disruption to the patient's tissues in an operative manner, we now have hopes of better ways to non-operatively treat spinal disease. Regenerative therapies for the spine are the future for spinal treatments. The spine and pain specialists at Virginia Spine Institute are proud to offer the most innovative techniques as new and improved ways to try to heal spinal problems without having to undergo surgery. People who suffer from back and neck pain share our common goal to minimize pain and improve daily functioning. To date, we have done this very effectively through quality physical therapy, spinal injections, medications, and when necessary, surgical intervention. In appropriate cases, regenerative therapy options hold wonderful healing potential and represent the future of modern medicine.

Regenerative therapy uses a patient's own tissues to initiate the healing process. Two regenerative treatments we currently perform that work best are from the patient's own natural stem cells (Stem Cell Therapy) and from the patient's own natural growth factors and proteins (PRP – Platelet-Rich Plasma). For stem cells, we obtain a patient’s own stem cells by aspirating tissue from the patient's hip bone or from their fat cells. These cells are centrifuged down to identify and separate specific primitive cells that will help heal tissues. For PRP, we use the patient’s own blood and centrifuge that down to obtain healing growth factors and the platelets. These are rich in protein to help stimulate healing. Once we have these products, we are able to re-introduce them into the patient’s injured tissues. Those injured tissues may be a disc or a ligament that needs regeneration. We have accomplished significant improvement in patient outcomes without surgical intervention.

A third regenerative treatment option is called Prolotherapy. Prolotherapy is performed as a series of injections, often separated by four to six weeks in between injections.  Each injection is performed in the area of the pain or instability. Prolotherapy is performed by injecting a mildly irritating substance, such as, dextrose, or sugar water, in the areas of pain or instability.  The goal is to stimulate inflammation and to start the body's natural healing process in that area.  Usually the areas of chronic pain have poor blood supply.  These areas can include joints, ligaments, tendons, or even discs. When this irritating dextrose solution is injected in the region of the pain, there is a local healing response stimulated, which increases blood flow, and encourages the body to lay down additional healing tissues, such as, fibrous tissue or collagen. This often then thickens or strengthens the ligaments or tendon, thus, reducing the pain.

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