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Adult scoliosis is an abnormal curve of the bones in the spine that can twist or rotate to the left or right. This type of scoliosis can occur in adults due to untreated curvature as a child or degenerative spinal conditions like disc degeneration and spinal stenosis. This is called adult degenerative scoliosis. If you are experiencing any adult scoliosis symptoms, you’re not alone! Approximately seven million people in the United States suffer from scoliosis and the specialists at Virginia Spine Institute can treat it.

Our goal at Virginia Spine Institute is to find the least invasive treatment to correct your scoliosis. Give us a call today to schedule your initial consultation – 703-709-1114.



Non-Operative Treatments


Case Examples


Adult scoliosis symptoms may include back pain, leg length discrepancy, uneven hips, or an abnormal walking pattern. Do you suspect you may be suffering from adult scoliosis? Learn more about the symptoms.



Determining the most appropriate scoliosis treatment first begins with an accurate diagnosis. Adult scoliosis can sometimes be diagnosed just by looking at the back, especially if the curvature is severe and has very obviously changed the structure of the spine. The best way to identify adult scoliosis, however, is with standing x-rays. 

Non-Operative Corrective Treatment

Correcting scoliosis in adults often does not require surgical treatment. In fact, many of the scoliosis treatments offered at Virginia Spine Institute are non-operative including physical therapy and spinal injections. Non-operative scoliosis treatment options are utilized to help treat scoliosis pain and maximize overall function.

Operative Corrective Treatment

The specialists at Virginia Spine Institute may recommended surgery as a scoliosis treatment for adults if the non-operative treatments listed above do not relieve scoliosis pain or symptoms. Scoliosis surgery may also be needed for patients whose curves are progressing over time, or are starting to cause symptoms such as numbness, weakness, or pain. In general, adult scoliosis curves greater than 45° are best treated with scoliosis surgery.

The goals of correcting scoliosis in adults through surgery is to offer the least invasive and safest procedure, while relieving scoliosis pain and preventing the curvature from worsening in the future.

If you or someone you know is suffering from Adult Scoliosis and needs scoliosis correction, contact Virginia Spine Institute in Reston, Virginia to schedule your initial consultation today – 703-709-1114.


A 31 year old woman was diagnosed with scoliosis at age 9. She was treated in a brace until she was 16 years old. Over time, her curvature progressed and she began having increasing back pain with pain radiating into her leg. After a complete evaluation, the doctors at Virginia Spine Institute performed a staged operation to correct her scoliosis. The first surgery was performed through a small incision below her belly-button and the second through an incision in the back. After the operation, she had  correction of her scoliosis, a good standing posture and has returned to her previous job teaching horseback riding.


A 70 year old woman developed worsening posture and shortness of breath. She saw her pulmonologist for a lung evaluation and was told that her worsening scoliosis was causing her trouble breathing. She saw Dr. Good at Virginia Spine Institute and was diagnosed with a double curvature in her thoracic spine. Both curves measured over 60°. Dr. Good performed a scoliosis reconstruction surgery with partial correction and fusion of both curves. X-rays taken post-operatively showed improvement in her scoliosis and her breathing has since returned to normal.



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