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5 Sweet Health Benefits Of Cherries

July 11, 2016

Summer is the time for sippin’ sweet tea on the back porch and eating as many cherries as possible! Who knew in addition to the thrill of spitting out cherry pits, they’re actually really healthy for you too! Although they are traditionally a summer treat, you can enjoy the health benefits of cherries year round in frozen, dried, or juice form. Check out 5 health benefits of cherries below and add a splash of color to your diet this summer!

  1. Help relieve inflammation caused by arthritis: cherries contain anthocyanins which are responsible for the anti-inflammatory benefits of this sweet and tart fruit.
  2. Heart disease prevention: the University of Michigan conducted a study that found cherry consumption can lower the overall risk factors that contribute to heart disease. Eating cherries reduced inflammation, cholesterol levels, and body fat percentage. That adds up to one healthy ticker!
  3. Memory boost: anthocyanin is also a well known phytochemical which can contribute to healthy brain functioning.
  4. Sleep aid: Dr. Russell J. Reiter, a professor of neuroendocrinology at the University of Texas Health Science Center, conducted a study that discovered cherries contain a considerable amount of naturally occurring melatonin, which improves the way you sleep!
  5. Sweet treat alternative: these glossy red orbs are not only sweet, they are also super low in calories {about 85 calories in a cup} and are high in good-for-you fiber!

Have these health benefits convinced you yet? Add some cherries to your next salad, bowl of cereal, or serve some up as a delicious dessert alternative! Go ahead, add some whipped cream — we won’t tell!

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