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As Seen on WUSA9: Summer Strategies to Beat Back Pain

Summertime is when most of us can finally take those long-awaited trips and vacations, especially activities like going to the beach, camping, and road trips. Unfortunately, these plans can often lead to increased back pain, neck pain, and injuries. With ER visits spiking up to 42,000 per day during these warmer months, it’s crucial to take precautions. Dr. Christopher Good shares expert advice with WUSA9 to help you stay pain-free all summer long.

For beach-goers looking to avoid pain, Dr. Good explains some tips for riding waves and laying in the sun. Keep these things in mind while being a beach bum:

  • Be mindful of how much weight you are lugging through the sand and use a beach cart to ease the pressure on your back. 
  • Wear supportive shoes. While flip flops are an easy go-to, consider wearing supportive shoes that will support your feet – and your spine – as you trudge through the sand. Using an alternative to flip-flops when walking to the beach is also a good idea in order to support your feet and spine. 
  • Support your back while you relax. There are a variety of supportive beach chairs to choose from that can provide comfort and support to your spine.  
  • Finally, remember to lather up with sunscreen and hydrate for proper fun in the sun!

For those who prefer mountains over the beach, Dr. Good also shares some advice for campers and hikers on their journeys. To fight against Achilles injuries, he recommends hikers to stretch before any activity and be mindful of the weight they are carrying on their backs. In terms of how much weight you should be carrying on your back, Dr. Good says, “It depends how fit you are and how far you’re going.” Using your best judgment and being honest about your capabilities is important to prevent any injuries. 

More people than ever are taking to the road to get to their desired destinations. To avoid mental and physical fatigue on the road, Dr. Good recommends taking frequent breaks and switching drivers. Breaks are especially important to ensure that your back and neck are not getting too stiff during a long trip. He also recommends getting a phone holder to avoid tech neck and using a supportive seat cushion to ease lower back pain. These recommendations will ensure the road trip is as pleasant as the destination.

Whether you’re lounging on the beach, trekking up a mountain, or simply enjoying the great outdoors, hydration is especially important during this summer heat. As Dr. Good says, “Hydrate today for tomorrow’s exercise”. Providing your back with support and comfort while relaxing or traveling will also ensure you maintain your overall health.Keep these tips in mind to stay pain-free and comfortable all summer long so you can. Stay safe and make memories – not hospital visits!

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