Unveiling a Revolutionary Breakthrough in Spine Surgery: VSI Performs First Ever 4-Level Disc Replacement using Personalized Combination of ProDisc® C Vivo and ProDisc® C SK

RESTON, VA, June 26, 2023 – The field of spine surgery is witnessing remarkable advancements with the introduction of state-of-the-art technology for custom disc replacement, revolutionizing the repair of four levels in the cervical spine. A groundbreaking achievement was recently accomplished as the first-ever 4-Level ProDisc Replacement, combining Centinel Spine’s Prodisc®C Vivo and Prodisc®C SK, was successfully performed. Spearheaded by Spine Surgeon Dr. Ehsan Jazini, this cutting-edge approach ensured an unparalleled level of precision and tailored treatment, resolving all four damaged discs in the patient’s spine and restoring mobility.

Recognizing the unique anatomical variations across the patient’s spine, Dr. Jazini introduced an unprecedented methodology for disc replacement. By customizing each disc replacement device to align with the patient’s specific spinal anatomy, he achieved a new level of personalized treatment. The patient had been suffering from neck discomfort, loss of sensation in the hands, and declining balance and motor skills due to spinal stenosis, radiculopathy, and spondylosis with myelopathy.

“This groundbreaking achievement in spine surgery marks the introduction of the first-ever 4-level disc replacement utilizing the custom combination of ProDisc® (Vivo and SK),” expressed Dr. Jazini. “At VSI, we take pride in offering this innovative mindset and cutting-edge technology, ensuring that each patient receives a tailored solution perfectly suited to their spinal anatomy.”

This creative approach empowers spine surgery patients with unprecedented levels of personalization in their treatment. The ProDisc® custom disc replacement technology provides spine surgeons with a selection of 18 anatomical disc sizes, facilitating precise alignment with the patient’s unique anatomy.

The synergy between modern technology and the advanced technique of our spine surgeons is revolutionizing how we tackle spinal issues for our patients. This novel approach not only restores their quality of life but also empowers them to embrace life in motion.

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